Retrigering notes(samples) with LFO. Modulating loop start

Hi guys. This is a 2 in 1

So, first question: is it somehow possible to retrigger a sample (while you’re keeping that note pressed) using an LFO or a Step Modulator? I don’t want the LFO to retrigger the envelope, I need it to retrigger the sample.

And the second one: is it possible to modulate the sample’s loop start and end position with an LFO?

And here’s why I need these things: let’s say I hold a chord or a note for a long period of time; I want to get that sample(s) retrigger again and again at a certain rate dictated by the LFO’s rate. Also, I want another LFO or StepMod to continuously change the loop range of the sample (the start and end of the loop range).


Retrigger while the first one is still playing? - use another slot?

#2 dunno, too lazy to look now… Might check it out sometime…

Many of us here have asked for more control over the sample player within the HALion engine. I am not sure that Steinberg has elected it enough to put them into the plans for the future, so it would be nice to get some acknowledgement from them, either way. I am sure they have internal plans themselves, I just meant the whines and wishes from peons like myself. :slight_smile:

I agree with being able to manipulate the loop points would be slick. Same thing with the crossfades, curve and tuning. Playback choice of Back & Forth, synchronized stepping computer (i.e. for the sample position), etc. would be cool.

Another things I’ve been wanting is a sample position hold while not playing, so that the sample position plays the loop as long as you play a key, when you stop playing it holds, and when you play the key again it continues from where it stopped last (attack and release would influence, of course). There is a great example of how this can be used in one of Jean Michel Jarre’s tracks (cannot recall which one at the moment, but there is a phrase in it that sounds like the Swedish sentence “jag vill ha en k-pist”) on the album Zoolook.

Thanks for your reply, Elektrobolt!
I really hope Steinberg will do something about this.