Retrolgue Project Settings Lost with Cubase Upgrade

Hi there!

I’ve done a bit of searching on these forums, but can’t seem to find an explanation for the phenomenon I’m experiencing with Retrologue.

I’m having trouble figuring out what happened to my Retrologue project settings upon upgrading from Cubase 11 pro to Cubase 12 pro. It appears that, when I open an old existing project in Cubase 12, all of my plugins, tracks, settings, etc, are maintained exactly as they were in Cubase 11. However, any instance of Retrologue is now set to the default sine wave sound. This also occurs when I try to load the same project in Cubase 11 (which remains installed on my computer).

I’m NOT missing any plugins, presets, file paths, etc, which is what I’ve read many users having issues with. I can find all Retrologue presets that I specifically saved at one time or another. What I’m missing is whatever sounds were loaded in my old projects that were NOT saved as presets. Other vst instruments such as PadShop have maintained all project-specific settings, even those that were not saved as user presets; it is only Retrologue that I’m having this issue with.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Would reverting Retrologue back to a previous version somehow restore the settings I had initially in my old projects?

This is actually the second time I’m experiencing this issue. When I upgraded from Cubase 10.5 artist to Cubase 11 Pro, I lost my Retrologue settings in the exact same way. Probably should have figured out the issue before making the mistake of upgrading Cubase again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I’ll be working on trying to recreate any/all of the sounds I generated in Retrologue from memory…



I am having the same issue!
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I too am reconstructing many of my Retrologue sound from memory right now -.-