Retrologue 2.2.40 update presets reset to "init retrologue 2"

After updading to Retrologue 2.2.40 all my song presets have been reset to “init retrologue 2”
Is there an easy fix ?
win 10 64
cubase 11.0.20

To me this is a big deal . please HELP ME

I gather that my songs do not recognize the retrologue library anymore.
how can I fix that please ?
All I did is apply recommended update

I did change the default sound library folder when I installed cubase.
None of my other vsts seem affected .
I still do not have a solution.

Use the Library Manager to move the libraries otherwise Retrolugue won’t know where to find them. So if you’ve already moved them, move them to another location, then move them back to where you want them, then Retrologue will know where they are.

Problem solved
Thx a Lot !

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