Retrologue 2 bug report

Hi all,
I’m reporting a bug here, because I was unable to find a proper way of opening a ticket and reporting this issue.

Short error description:
The “Undo” operation sometimes crashes Retrologue.

Testing environment:
Windows 10 Pro x64,
Cubase Artist 10.5.12 Build 123 (Built on Feb 12 2020)
Retrologue [64 bit] (Oct 24 2019)

How to reproduce:

  1. Add Retrologue as an instrument track to your Cubase DAW.
  2. Make any number of tweaks you like to the default preset.
  3. Open Load program dialog by clicking the arrow next to it on the user interface. Do not select a program, just let it show the list of available programs that are available to load.
  4. Press Ctrl-Z
  5. Cubase dies. (I also tried it with Groove Agent 5, as it was part of my Absolute package, but it never happened).

This is really not a big of a problem, but it is still messy, I think.


By the way, how come Retrologue 2 doesn’t have an individual Undo history / Undo operation, like in Groove Agent 5? I think it is a very basic minimum a synth should implement.