Retrologue 2 feedback thread

Unfortunately my thread from the old forum is gone, what an embarrassing forum transfer.

Anyway, this thread is for collecting all the issues, bugs and less than perfect implementations. The more I use R2, the more of those things I discover, unfortunately.
Since I bought that plugin, I would appreciate it if Steinberg cared about feedback and fixed their plugin after years on the market.

Let’s begin:

The phaser’s Shift control makes Reaper’s audio engine crash when set to minimum.

Sometimes the value readouts disappear. I have to switch to another GUI and than back to R2 to make them show again.

Under certain conditions like when using the filter distortion effects there is aliasing on high octaves.
I suppose there is no or insufficient oversampling.

With the osc multi mode, there is an exaggerated attack bump, probably the result of phasing issues.

The third envelope is very useful, might make sense to add a second identical one.

A random amount as a modulation source would be useful.

I know it is too late, but I think it would have been better not to include the resonator section and split the panels for Mod/Phaser into two separate ones instead, which would have left space for a compressor/limiter panel.

I can’t seem to layer more than one instance of R2 in a Reaper rack the way I can with other synths. Maybe it has to do with that useless audio input thingy.

Regarding the phaser problem, someone else checked it for me and it happened on his computer as well.

Here is an example patch, where I set the Shift control to 0.5, and there is no problem. But when you turn it all the way down to zero and play a note or two, Reaper auto-mutes the plugin which indicates some sort of overload or other problem.

I noticed that you can reproduce it more easily if you turn the Shift control up to like 10 o’clock first and then down to zero.

I tried it in Reaper and Mulab, same problem, both VST 2 and 3.

In the primitive browser, the arrow keys of the keyboard should select the previous or next preset, i.e. not just select it visually, but actually load it so that one can hear it when playing.

“Zur Feineinstellung drücken Sie die Umschalttaste und bewegen Sie den Drehregler oder verwenden Sie das Mausrad.”

That doesn’t seem to work with the mouse wheel, though. The steps are just the same as if I did not press the Shift key at all. Would be nice if it worked properly.

I noticed that when using high resonance values and then modulating the cutoff frequency, the sweep shows a strong zipper character instead of smoothly opening and closing like on hardware. Sounds like the resolution is not nearly good enough.