Retrologue 2 preset change crash

when i select between 3-5 different Retrologue 2 presets, the plugin crashes with the following information.

Well, I do have the same problem. After 3 or 4 or 5 times changing a Preset, Retrologue 2 crashes. The GUI doesn’t work no more. Sometimes the complete sound output crashes too. Exiting Cubase wont’ t help neither. Sometimes I need to restart the Computer. Problem passed to Steinberg. No solution so far.


I also have the exact same problem ; Retrologue 2 hangs or crashes after about 5 Preset changes on my system. Once it has crashed it will not load in my DAWs anymore ; I can get it to load again if I re-install it and restart the computer, and if I am lucky. My plugin scanners return error messages.

R2 always had that problem on my side, except right after a fresh install of Windows, something (maybe OS updates) seems to break it here.

I am wondering if any of you was able to find the cause of this since these messages were posted.


I have a similar issue, except when I change patches rapidly from a controller, at crashes Cubase!

Recently I started to encounter this at loading a certain project with Retrologue. This error comes only in one project. However, in another project with a few instances of Retrologue in it, FL sometimes fail to load one or two of the plugins.