Retrologue 2 still crashing on preset change in latest version

I’ve just upgraded to the latest Retrologue 2.2.40
I’m back to getting crashes every time I change presets
Wim 10 with Cubase Elements 10.5

This seems to be a long standing problem that affects some users
I’ve tried completely removing Retrologue and then removing VST3 and VST2 plugins one by one but still the same, both crash
Does anyone have any suggestions

Most likely it’s an eLicenser problem . See here :

best regards
Gerrit Junge

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Hey Gerrit
Thanks for the reply, I had read your post and for some reason not all of it was showing on my iPad so I didn’t see the solution, I will try that in the morning
Appreciate the help :grinning:

That worked for me, two reboots and multiple Cubase restarts and Retrologue behaving fine
Thank You

Steinberg should make this fix a KB Article for other users, there’s posts on several other forums about this issue over the last few years