Retrologue 2 Update for Retrologue 1 problem

I have a problem that I can’t solve:
I purchased Retrologue 2 Update for Retrologue 1
taking advantage of the summer discounts that promote the steiberg until Sale ends on September 23, 2021,
but when I try to activate the code on the elicenser stick, it tells me that I don’t have the update rights for Retrologu 1,
the reason may be because I have never purchased the version 1 license because the default version of Retrologue that comes pre-installed in cubase does not give the right to update to version 2?

I updated both retrologue to the latest demo release, I also updated usb and licenser, but nothing,

The update is for the standalone version. The system would update a separate license, which as you said, you don’t have. Retrologue 2 comes with Cubase 11 Pro.

That’s annoying. Silly, inflexible licensing system.

Isn’t there any warning on the online shop saying one needs to have a separate license in order to be able to apply an upgrade?!

I hope you can sell the upgrade…