Retrologue 2 - what setting controls velocity-to-volume?

I was playing around with Retrologue 2 and I noticed that in a large percentage of the presets (maybe half?) there was no apparent relationship between velocity and either the loudness (volume) or timbre of the output. This was my test case . . .

… in many of the presets all four of these notes sound the same.

What setting(s) in Retrologue 2 controls that?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the velocity slider in amp section?
r2 amp

Yes; that didn’t seem to make any difference in the presets where the Velocity had no effect on the volume or timbre.

BTW, what is the point of just having a picture of an ADSR curve? On normal synths the ADSR curve actually changes to reflect the actual user-settings. When I first started using Retrologue I thought something was broken because I kept adjusting stuff and the curve stayed the same!