Retrologue 64 Bit ?

Are there any plans for a 64 bit version of Retrologue ? :slight_smile:

if your on windows isn’t your 64 bit version in the “common shared” folder ? it’s a vst3 file

I’m having a 64 bit system built. Retrologue shows up in the KVR database as not having a 64 bit version.

Steinberg has this to say:

"64-bit processing

VST3 plug-ins are generally able to process audio data in 64-bit."

So I guess the question is will Retrologue work in a 64 bit host that doesn’t have a bit bridge ?


Unfortunately three of the hosts I use don’t support VST3 so…I really love Retrologue but I’m not sure if I’ll install it on my new computer.

Aloha guys;

Found this:

* Native 32-bit and 64-bit version.



I use Retrologue in multiple x64 hosts that don’t support VST3 … like Reaper x64 for example. The installer will install a VST 2.4 version that most hosts support.