Retrologue appreciation topic

I thought I’d just go through the sounds of Retrologue but I get stuck all the time playing the damn thing!
It’s after all just 303 sounds … but after two hours I just arrived at E in the alphabetical list :laughing:
Playing the keys, bending notes and pondering assigning my MIDI “wah-wah” to the mod wheel to take it over the top.
Retrologue is one sick bastard!!! :bulb: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Am I right or are you wrong? :wink:

haha gotta stop now! Mind and fingers are numb … and I only got to L :open_mouth:

Plus one… I think we got the bargain of the century for £42! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Yes, I spent 1 hour on the first 2 presets so I figured I’d probably not make it through em all soon :sunglasses:

I find the flexibility and quality of both Retrologue and Padshop a bit of a shock after past synths presented with Cubase. They’ll be putting in a sampler next(I wish). :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree. Almost viral, with a touch of Note Expression. :wink:

You are right, and so I guess I am wrong. :frowning:

Entering retro mode…

The 2 new instruments really shine when you factor in Note Expression My go to synth has been Omnisphere but Padshop is a great synth to layer with it and get extra motion to a pad for ex.

I can never get beyond the startup preset before getting lost in the Retro World :laughing:

Here is a demo I just made for my next presentation in April

Music by yours trully Salvador Peláez
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