Retrologue does not load preset

I use Cubasis in the actual version and Cubase 12 pro in Windows 10. I also use the actual importer.
I imported projects from Cubasis in Cubase, but Retrologue does not load a preset equal to the one in Micrologue.
I only get the audio files and the MIDI-Data.

Has anyone a solution?


Surprised there is no answer here, I also get this, in fact, I was really dismayed today when I had finally decided my track was to a position where it was complete… but wanted the full cubase 13 to gloss the track over - I imported and nothing was correct apart from the audio that was rendered. The midi was there, but non of the presets loaded, and also any CC information, sich as filter sweeps that i drew in or automation i general also didn’t move neither

This really needs to be addressed.

Hi @yertari

Thanks for your message.

While Cubasis projects can be imported with Cubase, there are some differences between both applications and the mobile and desktop platforms, which we’ve described in the following article:

In addition, please note that a Cubasis Importer update is planned to be released with the upcoming Cubasis update, which will address several issues.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for replying, yeah I knew of limitations, but… it’s too limiting, effectively all I’m moving over are stems, of which I could export myself.
The key to what needs to be done is fluidity between cubasis and cubase.
I was surprised when no Automation data was transferred either
Im looking forward to seeing what the update is, any idea when that would be?

Thanks again