Introducing the new VST3 Retrologue… Comes in Cubase 6.5
Here is a demo I just made for my next Club Cubase presentation

Music by yours truly Salvador Peláez
(DUROTRONIK E.M.P.>) ♪…d(~.-)b…♫
©2012 G&S Recording Studio

Nice, this sounds really good!

Ah, yeah!

Now all we need is a 4D experience to go with the video and we’re set!

Gotta say, not really my genre, but I do like the sound of electronic sounds like this (excluding the solo bass part.) The quality of the production on this is really great, everything cuts through really clear, levels of all the instruments are just spot on, very well done.

I just personally can’t stand hearing vocal melodies altered in ways like that, I understand the problems of getting live recordings for parts like that though, at least by a professional. Guess it’s just something that you like or you don’t. But I thought the actual melody lines were good and getting catchy.

Nice one. As you tube demos of musical equipment go,… thats a pretty damn good effort. Made Retrologue seem very cool indeed.

Getting a vocalist for recording parts like that is not a problem… I just had the idea of remixing the cubase demo song into this using variAudio. The song was produced - mixed - mastered right from Cubase in One day… first day I got the upgrade.

Here is a Cinematic DubStep using both new Synths…

Enjoy… And sorry for my late reply guys… I forgot I had this post lol…

That sounds really good actually, gotta post that whenever someone says Logic has better 1st party synths :slight_smile:

Really good sounds. Steiny should license this from you as a Cubase demo.

Well what a thicko I must be…sitting on Retrologue all the time and not knowing it was that good, thanks for enlightening me…Kevin

Awesome Track !

Both Retrologue and Padshop sound fantastic, warm, lush, very analog-like. (Steinberg Synths ROCK)

Great Production.

Thanks for sharing,


+1 :slight_smile: