Retrologue in Hardware

Just saw this - looks pretty cool!

Hardware VST? Steinberg Retrologue plug-in gets physical version

That is so awesome.

This could be fun if the price is right.

And ELK OS is supported by the SDK now.
There are some VST instruments I really would love to see in hardware.
Hope it takes off, so many possibilities.

Well… sigh… I do have some understanding for those who want everything as dedicated hardware.
Still I think it is just another way of making money to offer such a thing. The guys are missing the point of virtualization completely.
Instead of doing that the companies should rather develop reasonable strategies to relief the users from the permanent threat of sunken inverstments just because a software product does no longer run on new versions of OSs/Platforms. The answer can be found in the area of virtualization.

It’s not just about hardware- I look forward to being able to design my own system.

Well at least a proof it can be done - spotted in SOS today.