Retrologue in Logic Pro 9.1.8?

Hello. I have Cubase 6.5, 7, and Logic Pro 9.1.8 installed on my Mac running 10.7.5. Inside both Cubases, Retrologue shows up and works. Inside Logic Pro, the only VI in Steinberg’s list is Padshop Pro.

Thinking I didn’t for some reason install a Retrologue AU, I went back and tried custom installations of both Cubase 6.5 and 7, but did not see Retrologue as an option to install again.

How can I get my Retrologue to work in Logic please?

I downloaded the Retrologue trial and installed the AU and it works, but will I only have it for 30 days? My eLicenser does not have a license for Retrologue, I guess since it was included in Cubase.