retrologue issues

I’m using Cubase 9 Elements ,
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit sp1
Processor i5 3470@3.2 ghz quad core
Memory-32 gb ram.
I’ve installed Retrologue which is in trial mode.

  1. the plug-in is blacklisted, I have reinstalled the plug-in but it says the reinstall has failed, but it is listed in vst instruments.
  2. Prologue crashes CE 9 asking me to save the file under another name. I haven’t got a screen shot of that yet.

Any advice, reason, I won’t invest in anything more until these bugs are sorted and there is notification that this is the case.
I’ve added the screenshots for you viewing
cubase 9-2.png
cubase 9-1.png
cubase 9.png