Retrologue license missing C6.5.5

Hi guys,
I am unable to open Retrologue 1 on my new music computer. I use 6.5.5, I recently demoed 8.5 after discovering the Retrologue 2 upgrade I had purchased wasn’t compatible. I managed to get a refund but after using 8.5 (which is now expired, and unavailable) the license does not appear.

Now to my old computer…

Retrologue works fine. It is not present in the elicenser control centre but am I correct in assuming it exists under the C6.5 license? Retrologue does not appear in either the USB elicenser or the soft elicenser, hence my assumption.

It appears demoing 8.5 usurped the Retrologue license from 6.5.

Thanks for your help,

The Retrologue 1 license is included with Cubase 6.5.

Gotcha, how do I get my second machine to recognise it and allow me to use it again? I had it running successfully until I demoed 8.5. Should I have to reinstall 6.5?


I don’t want to reinstall 6.5

The good news is this is no longer an issue. I upgraded to C9 the other day, happy days.