Retrologue licensing

Just bought Xphonika (Retrologue). Got it activated (listed last in the eLicenser pic) but it’s not showing up in the Retrologue tab in Library Manager (see Library pic), nor does it show up in Media Bay in Cubase 12 Pro.

I also have two other issues I just noticed trying to sort out the Xphonika issue.

Second issue is that, in the Kingdom pic, there are two instances of Kingdom listed in My Products.

Third issue, also in My Products, there are two items also listed that seem oddly vague. They are indicated as Retrologue 3rd Part Expansion with some sort of cryptic code, 13287 and ab0cc respectively.

Any suggestions on resolving any of these three issues would be much appreciated.


Your first issue isn’t related to licensing. The library will show up in the Steinberg Library Manager even if you don’t have a valid license. You most likely just forgot to actually install the library.

:hourglass: probably means code that wasn’t used.