Retrologue missing in 8 ?

Uninstalled 7.5 ,intstalled 8 (twice) and Retrologue is missing. Do i have to have both 7.5 and 8 installed to run it?

That’s unfortunate bluelight. Retrologue is present in my install of 8. Although I did not uninstall 7.5, they can co-exist. Good luck

Thanks Jay. Kind of you to reply. I´ll reinstall 7.5. Thats probably the solution. I guess they want sell Retrologue separtaley to new customers.

My Pro 8 installer has Retrologue included with it. It is the 9.1 GB installer. Perhaps you got the smaller one that was meant for direct updates from C7.5?

That is definitely not it. Retrologue is included with C8.

Can confirm it comes with 8. Upgraded from 6 to 8 and I have it. Never had 7

I had the same problem because I was updating my installation from 7.5 32bit to Cubase Pro 8 64bit. I had to go back and install Cubase 7 64bit to get the 64bit versions of Retrologue and Padshop to install.

can so pls explain how to reinstall Retrolog please?

I made a fresh WIndows install with Cubase 8 - and downloaded the

Cubase 8
HALion Sonic SE

packages. [SUM: 8.6 GB]

and installed the 32bit and 64bit version. (using 64bit ver at the moment though).

How can I install retrolog please?

when I download it here:

the install setup wont let me install it?!

also Padshop is missing too… Oh Lord… if thats such a hazzle then please I dont want that stuff all anyway. I cant rely on software thats there and not there… I f I rely on it it must be there A-L-W-A-Y-S

Download only the FULL installer. 9.1Gb and available in your MySteinberg account/downloads.

I did… now I am unsure if I should just install it over exisiting cubase…

will I lose my prefs?

If you set up lots of prefs you could copy the entire folder to your desktop and copy it back after install.

okay its CUbase prefs - and the shortcuts! and Project Templates.

Are these somewhere in the User folder of windows?

I would love to have a pref cloud option!

I must copy that folder now? else it will be deleted?

hm I dont know if Padshop and retrologue are worth the hazzle, I use them so rarely anyway…

thx I already found it out myself. But I always dont like fiddling with the SW on this basic file level. cause maybe it changes some file hierarchy and then I overwrite it with my old one.

I hope the version is the same and the files fit. As I work with 64 bit I just install the 9.1GB version over the 32bit hoping it will just install the missing stuff so when I open the 64bit it will have them…

as it seems my idea works :wink: the setup let me choose to install retro and Pad ^^ yeah without overwriting the 64bit cubase…

after setup I will see if the INSTR are in Cub64 too…

edit: didnt work. Have to install it over exisiting…

man even in setup we have hover now for the language change… wow ^^ someone is liking hover!

edit2: Thank God it didnt delete the prefs. all is working now! I recommend install over exisiting for missing stuff!


edit3: no presets in Padshop nor Retrologue… oh my

life why do you mock me?

is this so difficult to write a little routine in the fricking setup.exe that checks if a “sub presets” folder is there or not, if not just copy it? I mean… I could do that and I am not even a paid programmer… Its even possible to do that with poor mans batch programming every hans schmock can do that in 5 minutes… oh my goood… oh guys, I like you so much but sth. is wrong… is this 1 guy for all the tasks?

they need to hire like 50 new Coders right now to get rid of all those small problems. and no new synths or shite pls until thats fixed.


I dont want to work around errors in a prof. SW on this basic file copy level. there can be done so much harm. I want to work through the softwares functions, not circumvent them… it works since Cb1 - but - theres no guarantee and it feels not good… I did not write the SW, and really dont know what it changes anmd what happens when I blindly copy preset folders wildly around… I dont like that…

edit4: must scan VST Folder with media bay EXPLICITELY! its not enough to check the box. you must babysit it!!

now in 1-2 years when I will need it again I will again have forgotten it… its a pain… every few years the same…

SOLVED - i just had this problem, fresh intall with a Download of Cubase Pro 8.

Grab Retrologue at the steinberg downloads page here: