Retrologue missing problem

Hi folks,

I know that Retrologue isn’t in the Cubase 7.5 installation. I had a hard drive problem and reinstalled everything but didn’t install Cubase 7 so I am now missing Retrologue and anything else missing from 7 as I went straight to 7.5.

If I install Cubase 7 after installing 7.5 what potential problems will I be letting myself in for? What is the best method for avoiding potential problems and has anyone done it successfully?

Thanks for any help in advance.


I would suggest reinstalling Cubase 7.5 from the Complete Installer (be sure to do both discs). That should include Retrologue and the other VSTi plugins:

Please let me know if you still do not see Retrologue. What OS are you on?

Why can’t we get these huge files by FTP? I have been trying to download both of the full isos now since I upgraded and I always (along with many other people from what I am reading!) have time outs and no chance of resuming the files :frowning:

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit by the way

I’m sorry for the trouble. I would suggest using Firefox and a wired connection if you are having trouble downloading the files. I hope this will help.

Well I was on Firefox when I tried again today but I was on wifi… ok I’ll try it wired!

But you didn’t answer the FTP question? The Steinberg FTP still exists???

I’m sorry but the Cubase 7.5 is not available on an FTP currently.

Well I have tried your solution. Wired network connection and 5 fails… you should have these on a resumable FTP

I am sorry that you are having trouble still with the download. I would suggest contacting your local tech support to see if they can help you further.