Retrologue not recognised in Live 10.0.6

Assuming that Retrologue 2 will function within Ableton Live, and I sincerely hope this is the case … I can’t get Live to recognise it. My default plugin folder is OS_Install (C:) > Program Files > VstPlugins I’m running Windows 10. Retrologue was installed (without the option to choose otherwise) to OS_Install (C:) > Program Files > Steinberg > VstPlugins > Retrologue I’ve tried moving Retrologue.dll to my default plugin folder but no success. I’ve also tried renaming Retrologue.dll as Retrologue_x64.dll and Retrologue(x64).dll and moving it to the aforementioned folder all without success. Any help that anyone cares to render will be greatly appreciated.


Having the same issue here in Live Suite 10.1.9 on Mac High Sierra.

Were you ever able to get this resolved?