Retrologue not working

I have thelatest elicenser but cannot load retrolgue in ableton. I am trying to load a project I am so infuriated with this let down. I have the latest 10.11… e version but still retro is not loading…I have no cracked software on my computer but still I cannot listen and evaluate my own created music due to licensing failures. Really quite upset due to this restriction that is totally unwarranted

If this is just the retrologue you get with cubase (not bought separately) then you are right, only works in cubase (not that I agree)

Yes it came with Cubase but I presume it worked and was used in this particular Ableton session, hence it is in the ableton song file.
Strange and quite ridiculous really…Is there an upgrade path? Not that I ever really use retrologue anyway. The synth I got free from reason 10 works in all other DAW’s…

I have successfully used Retrologue in Reason as a VST and it is the license i got with Cubase Artist 10. Dont know how i got it working though, just did.

I have contacted support at Ableton as retrologue, halion 6 , groove agent 5 etc don’t work in latest Ableton but do in Bitwig. It appears that there is some sort of elicenser issue going on in Ableton, currently.

Yes ableton have it sorted on a beta and a previous released version.

Yes same here it should work in most DAWs
including logic, garage band and others.
Just male sure your DAW is using the same
vsti folder as Cubase…
This should be done in the installation process
I think…

If I load Retrologue in Cubase pro 10.5.12, it only shows as orange text in the inspector, but seems not to be present in the track (cannot be opened, and does not play anything)