Retrologue on Ableton Live ?


I already have a license of Halion Sonic since last year and use it with Ableton Live without any problems.

Now i bought a license of Retrologue and thought it would work also, but i can’t make it work, live does not see it in the Plugins section. I’ve researched and it seems Live does not support VST3 plugins and Retrologue is a VST3 plugin.

Is there a way to run Retrologue as a usual VST plugin or i just lost 49 bucks ?

Thanks !

Update Retrologue to 1.1


I’m already using Only the VST3 file shows up in my Plugins directory, and this one is not supported by Ableton Live.

Any other idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to add an information : i’m on a Mac, not Windows.

I don’t think a VST2 version installs on a mac.
I think you need to use the AU version (which should have installed with the 1.1 update).


Where can i find information about how to use AU version ? I always used VSTs, have no experience with AU.

Thank you !

I’m not sure.
The Ableton Live manual should give some detail.

But I’m not exactly sure. I’ve never used a Mac or Ableton Live.


I could solve the problem by selecting the ‘Use audio units’ option in Live preferences; now the synths shows up in my plugins section.

Thanks !