Retrologue oscillator types: which is the master oscillator?

Hello folks,

I’m learning to use Retrologue appropriately by reading its manual.
However, I don’t quite understand the multimode oscillators. Where is the master oscillator for the types “Sync”, “Cross” and “XOR”?

The manual implies that you can control the slave oscillator’s waveform by moving the “wave” knob. Or in the case of the XOR type, this affects the waveform of the third oscillator. Again, this is what I gather from the phrasing on the manual. It’s not directly stated.

Here is my 3-part question:
When activating Sync, Cross or XOR only in Oscillator1:

  1. ¿Which is the master oscillator? How and where, in the synth’s interface do you set it up?
  2. If the Wave knob controls de slave oscillator, do the other knobs on the same oscillator control the master or the slave oscillator?
  3. Which is the correct set up to make proper use of the Sync, Cross, and XOR oscillator types?
    Do you have to use Oscillator 1 as the master and then activate Sync, Cross or XOR on the other two oscillators?

Clearly, I’m not a synth wiz, so I may have misunderstood some obvious information from the manual. However, the phrase “Master Oscillator” only features 3 times in the manual, one for each of the loose explanations on the oscillator types Sync, Cross and XOR.

Thanks friends!

It uses a hidden oscillator. The wave knob controls the frequency of that oscillator relative to the visible one. I do the same thing in Omnisphere and Crystal. Using one of the primary oscillators for hard sync is a relic from the days of analog synths when an oscillator was expensive :slight_smile:.