Retrologue Patches save without Attributes (Mac)

I was already talking about this here but I figured I should do a propper issue report as well:

  1. Open an Instance of Retrologue
  2. Save your patch and make sure you fill out the field “Library Name” before you save, this is important!
  3. Close Cubase and open it up again, load a new Instance of Retrologue
  4. Find your patch - can you see it being listed in the category you assigned - in the category browser?
  5. Open Mediabay - search for your patch
  6. Click on your patch and look at the inspector - what fields are filled out and do you see a field/attriebute called “content set” ?
  7. Try editing the value for “Content Set”

Nothing will happen when you double click the value field because something is amiss. According to the manual, you should be able to enter some text but it won’t do that.

Retrologue should also save this entered category attribute but it doesn’t - which kinda makes browsing for your patches very difficult - especially if you are managing multiple libraries for different albums/assignments/projects which might require a different set of patches to get you started.

The only way to find your patch, is to search it via the search field. But what if you want to browse randomly for a patch? This will not be possible.

This was reported a couple months ago to the support staff but has remained unfixed.

When can we expect an update on this?

Thanks in advance,