retrologue sidechain


i use retrologue 2 in sidechain mode and i would like my original signal just to use retrologue filters. everything works mostly as you would expect it does.
now i’d like to send retrologues LFO to pitch destination and there is where nothing happens.

why is that? or am i doing something wrong or is there other workaround?

if i use retrologues OSC, then all is good, but if i want to send there vocals etc then pitch modulations are not reacting. which is pitty, because pitch mod would be really handy.

is it bug? any ideas?



I’ve just used Retrologue 2 in sidechain mode for the first time over the last two days. So far I’m not impressed, but I’m willing to work with it a little more. Primarily, the problem seems to be that the signal level through the device is heavily attenuated. Do you notice that?

I’m pretty sure there’s no routing errors in my set-up and my other plug-ins used in sidechain mode seem to operate correctly.

To get the LFO’s to respond, per the documentation, which is very thin on details and may itself contain errors, you need to use the routing Matrix and under Osc as your destination, use “audio input.” (see screen shot)
Retro2 Sidechain 1.jpg
So far, I’m not impressed with this aspect of Retro2. I really like the instrument, but the sidechain concept is, so far, not as good as I’d hoped. It sounds like the original sound is being put though a cheap pre-amp. I’ve gotten some interesting sounds by switching off the Oscillators and just using the LFOs with distortion on sustained sounds. So far, I’ve not found anything really impressive when a drum loop is sent to it. :frowning:

Remember that you have to play or playback midi notes on the R2 Track in order to hear the side chain input signal. With distortion and effects and some other routings I was able to create some potentially usable sounds. However, the net result was not something that couldn’t have been created in other ways, and, I think, more effective ways. Maybe I just need to work more with it. It probably can create some unique sounds.

The Primary issue, as I mentioned, is that the signal entering the sidechain input sounds very weak and attenuated. I’ve tried routing signal to R2 as a Send and directly routing a track to the sidechain input. Unless I really boost the input and add lots of distortion, there’s just not much output there. Even if I slam the input with the source track. So, for me, this is, so far, a disappointing feature of an otherwise great instrument.

I’d like to hear what other users think of about R2’s Sidechain features.


I’ve bee trying this audio-in thing for the first time, and yes, you are right about the audio quality.
You get a mono signal out of Retrologue, and it’s weaker. You can mimic a stereo signal out of the Retrologue by using the delay: short delay time (approx 40 ms), Feedback close to zero, Delay L/R to around 0,90
These settings are just an example and it want replace a true stereo signal.

I think I hit on a similar setting as you mention, however, I guess I’d hoped for more from this side-chain feature based on the hype in the promo video about it. I do really like the instrument, but this aspect of it is disappointing.

If I hit on anything that makes this more useful in some way, I’ll post about it on this thread.