Retrologue, slow preset switch.

I really enjoy Retrologue, but this preset switching make me mad. i can’t wait for 10 sec to load new preset :smiley:
But, if open “presset’s bay” they are switching ok, good speed.

Maybe something wrong with my system? can someone test it? also on MacOs

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It is definitely not normal, it happens here (Win10 + Cubase Pro 9) instantly.
There is a slight 1-2 sec lag at every 10-15th preset, but then it switches fast.

You may contact to support for help.

It seems to happen if you have a massive sample library collection catalouged in media bay. Dont index the library and its fine, soon as you do, you get the above problem. Does the OP have a massive sample library?

I got the same problem here. The time between the preset switching is 3-6 sec.

Yes, I got a big library
Isn´t it supposed to only look for retrologue presets?

LOL, you would think so… but appears not to be the case, I think it loads media bay in the background.

It’s the one thing that puts me off using Steinberg VSTi’s… I either don’t use media bay for samples or I don’t use for Steinberg VSTi’s, as its impossible to load the next patch quickly without loading media bay. Even when you do open media bay for a VSTi preset you have the same wait while media bay loads, then OK it’s quicker to select one patch after another, but if you want to try moving the filter for example, the preset box closes and you get the same wait till the browser opens again, infuriating… :imp:

In short, it really sucks… Your choice is either reduce your sample library or avoid Steinberg VSTi’s.
Steinberg if you read this please find an alternative way to load VSTi presets in your instruments……

Actually NKS would be great as I have a NKS keyboard :wink: would be nice to see Padshop as fully NKS.

looks like many of us have this problem. Should it be moved to Issue forum ? or this can be solved via rebuild media bay DB(or something like that)

9.0.30 still exist

2 Mod.
Pls move to Issues

I had this problem, well it took way more then 10 second to show me the presets - closer to 1 minute. I did manually clean my registry via regedit (from windows menu) I removed all traces of uninstalled plugins and my presets were back to super fast again. this wasnt the only plugin that was giving me problems, they all got solved.

can you explain in detail ?
because i have no idea how clean register can solve Retrologue’s issue

Yep - I’ve found this is linked to the whole media bay system.

When my media library is fully indexed, it can take 10 - 30 seconds for presets to show, and sometimes I just give up waiting when trying to use the loop browser.

What is really frustrating, is that even when something has been fully scanned, each time you open the same plugins preset browser, or the same sample folder, it seems to want to re-scan it again. And again, and again!

I was dealing with one of the Steinberg guys a few years ago after I found that audio files created by some programs couldn’t be read by media bay. We had a few exchanges, and I started to press them a bit further about why it all became sluggish as you added media to it, and they just stopped communicating.

It’s basically only fit for purpose with the amount of media they supply with an install. Try to go beyond that and the system grinds to a halt. I guess its because its a database, and its well known that databases become increasingly hard to manage the bigger they get if they are not cleverly thought out.

Is it just as bad on Nuendo? They have some additional features in media bay as there is obviously a need for large sample libraries in post and video games development.

i see, but we talking now about only 2 buttons in retrologue. if you use standart preset switch everything fine.

what you talking about media bay, i have problems with it. but i uncheck EVERYTHING in mediabay, then i check my work folders (presets.samples etc) after mediabay scan it agains, everything works ok. except, new folders with data: you need to check/uncheck it to see data inside.

what i did was enter regedit in my windows start menu… then I’d go to


and from there I would just delete all the plugins i didn’t have in my computer anymore… like I had an old string for Kontakt I would delete that inside the native instruments folder… i had a seperate folder for izotope plugin demos, I just deleted the whole string.

you must know what is in your own computer to make it work. if you remove to much you might get problems… at worst maybe you must reinstall some stuff :slight_smile: good luck - this is the best I can explain it for you. but at least for me now I have a bunch of samples in media bay, and all is now quick again - at times I could wait over 2 minutes for some presets to display, now its as good as instant

issue still exist

Anyone find a solution for this on a Mac? Love the instrument, but never use it cause of this issue. Takes me almost 10 seconds to go through each preset. YES YES my mediabay library is big.

Can’t confirm it for Retrolog in particular but first time showing up presets in CUbase takes really long for any plugin! Facepalm for real

I have the same problem in Cubase 12. It’s so weird - it works fine using the global preset switcher, but not the preset switcher in the VST…