Retrologue update - question

OK -
I know this is the Padshop forum, but I did not know where else to ask a question about Retrologue. So please forgive me.

So I updated to Padshop Pro. All is well.
However I’d like to get the update for Retrologue, so I can use it as a AU plugin as well. I already have Cubase 6.5 so I can use it in Cubase.
How do I get Retrologue as an AU?


I don’t think that the Retrologue that was just released is an update.
Rather, it’s just making it available for people other than Cubase 6.5 users.

I’d say you have to buy it.

Really ?!? As a Cubase 6.5 owner with both Padshop and Retrologue within the program, you’re actually saying that I’d have to PAY to get an AU version of these programs ??

Wow. I cannot believe that.

Somebody tell me this isn’t the case.

And if so, can someone post the download link for us Cubase 6.5 owners to get the AU versions of these synths ?

Thanks very much.

I was speculating.
The license for Retrologue (that came with 6.5) is embedded within the Cubase 6.5 license. It may allow usage outside of Cubase, it may not.

You might also want to see if an AU version came with the 6.5 update.

Unpack the update.
In the folder you unpacked to, navigate to the additional content -> vst sound folder.
You should find the individual installer for Retrologue. See what’s available to install.
(This works on a PC).

Thanks for the reply - I’ll check out my install discs to see if the install of just the AUs of these synths are available.

Many thanks,

Hi everyone,

The patchers for existing Cubase 6.5 customers are now available!

Excellent ! Thanks for this much-needed update !

Question - where are the presets for the AU version of this and Padshop ?

I notice there are no presets in the Preset folder for the AU when loading it as such. I see the VST versions, but nothing will load into the AU versions of these.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated !


Never mind ! I found the “new” preset selector within the GUI in Retrologue.

Thanks anyway ! :slight_smile: