Retrologue without USB dongle?

I’ve mostly moved on to Reaper, but I quite like Retrologue (and Padshop). If I purchase full versions, will I be able to use them without the USB dongle?

If so, can I activate them locally on multiple computers so that I won’t have to transfer a license every time I switch from desktop to laptop, etc.?

I believe the full versions can be activated with the Soft-eLicenser. However, it is then bound to one computer. Multiple machine use is not supported. Currently, the only option is the USB-eLicenser. You can reactivate to a different computer, but it isn’t a process that is meant to be used on a regular basis.

Okay. Thanks for the info.

Steinberg Software is basically always better on a Dongle, because if you forego the dongle, the license is going to be stuck on one PC and it’s a lot harder to move around that way.