Retrologue2 for iPAD?

Hi, I absolutely love the sound of the Micrologue but don’t use it much because it is too limited in features.
Considering how powerful iPADs are these days, and with the introduction of full screen AUv3 support in Cubasis, I wonder whether the full spec Retrologue2 can be ported over. As a pay for add on or a separate AUv3 purchase.
I don’t think a port would need any major redesign.
The small bottom screen version only needs a few performance parameters and maybe a preset manager, while the programming would be made at full screen with the GUI identical to the desktop version, which looks already clear and spacious enough for fingered interaction and coincidence (maybe not) it even has the same aspect ratio of the Ipad screen! I just blew the image full screen and looks amazing!
Let us know if this great synth can be ported over.