Retrologue2 part 2

Well having reported that the above named vst is no longer in cubase10 after I decided the addition of future bass might be a good expansion I am still no further forward with resolving this issue using Steinberg support.

The gaps in excess of 4 days before a contact after an initial response from them is made, is really quite pointless. I am really pleased I am not trying to earn a living in the music business, guys I feel your pain.

I am surely not the only person who has purchased the Retrologue2 expansion am I?..Has anyone else lost Retrologue2 from their list? after installing the future bass expansion.


Sorry for your pain. And unfortunately I know about Steinberg support? I’ve heard this story before but I can’t tell you why support is so bad because I’m just a volunteer here trying to help out?

I haven’t purchased this ‘Future Bass’ extension myself so I’m just trying to help out?

But the first thing that comes to mind:

Try to uninstall ‘Retroloque’ and reinstall it. Here’s the link to download the latest version:

If Retroloque works now but you still don’t see your Future Bass extension you should just reinstall this also.

Hope this helps?

Hello Thanks for your’re reply. The idea of just re-installing Retrologue2 is a good one, my concern is how do I uninstall something i cant see?
Would re-installing simply overwrite or, would that process in itself cause more problems. That is assuming of course I am not able to uninstall the original program.
I hope it’s an option as I really don’t want to uninstall everything as has been suggested.

Just run the installer. If it finds a version that was already installed it will ask you to update. If it’s the same version you can choose to reinstall the application anyway. After this it should recognize Retrologue2 in Cubase again? If not check directory c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. The plugin should be visible there. You can also check under Plugin Manager if it’s disabled. If so just enable it and refresh.