Retrolouge - Need few fetures to be the perfect soft synth.

Hi guys,

I am really enjoying the new Retrolouge syth, and the last week I prefer it more than sylenth1. But it is too bad that it has only 2 envelopes. So my request is to add:

  • 2 More Envelopes
  • EQ
  • Reverb
  • LFO Rate, Up to 192 kHz or 1/256(DAW Sync)
    I saw that you updated the Padshop, so PLEASE update your beast Retrolouge!!

Thanks in Advance!


What’s the purpose? How would you use that?

Maybe 192 is to much, but 96 kHz def not. I love the lfo n sylenth1 (support 192)and when you put it to modulate the pitch 60-100 kHz it’s sound very distorted nice :slight_smile:

If you like I can upload demo.

…and restart of LFO in unsynced mode

Absolutely! I love such sounds very much… :sunglasses:
Slide the low freq´oscillation into the audible range…nice!
(reminds me of TG77/SY99 e.g.)

BTW. Prologue´s LFO con also do that (!)

What do you think about Sidechaining?

Within the synth?

yes, to use retrologue´s filter, lfo, modulations, adrs, e.g.
like audio -> Moog Filter etc.

Ahhh, so allow audio input and include an envelope follower or external trigger for envelopes/LFO restart?

Sounds like something that could be done better in a different plugin, perhaps an effects variation of the same Retrologue core modules.

Retrologue needs:

Oscillator retrigger feature (FOR A STABLE SOUND).
Some more envelopes.Maybe with a step one or a mseg envelope like zebra that can be tempo synced like dcam.
And of course the possibility to alter the way the LFO starts in unsynced mode (Free run, Restart on each note etc).

Come on Steiny. It’s just numbers :slight_smile:

Aloha guys,
I am loving this thread.
Some great ideas and approaches have been

Tanx for the info guys. :slight_smile:

But perhaps the ‘powers-that-be’ (Steiny folk) would be
more able to see it (and maybe do something) if
it was posted here:


Yep, I also miss it in HALion 4. Judging on the sound and filters Retrologue is using a stripped down version of the same engine.