RetroRec MIDI bug: rendered events too short.

I use Retro Record a lot and have never had this happen to me. As you can see, I started playing part way through the loop and the rendered events all lined up with this start point, not the beginning of the loop. And the last cycle extended to a point beyond any other events or markers I’d put in.

At first, it looks as if RR had failed to record the first part of the loop but the notes are there, just hidden. See the attached jpegs.

There used to be a bug relating to rendering MIDI events lengths in loops, recently fixed. I wonder if this is related because it shouldn’t work like this, even if - in the end - it’s easily dealt with.

Cycle Record setting: New/Stacked
C6.0.5, Win7, both 64-bit.
RetroRec Lanes - 2) hidden notes revealed.jpg
RetroRec Lanes - 1) how rendered.jpg