Retrospect Record - glue tool

Greetings, I’m on Cubase Pro 11, and always use retrospective record. When I like a performance, bam, I command-shift-R and it appears on the track.(Mac).
The undesirable thing is: then I have to - every time - immediately use the glue tool to merge the new layer with the pre-existing, MIDI layer ‘underneath’ the newly added (kind of greyed out with stripes) layer so they both become one ‘consolidated’ MIDI region. It is very inefficient to have to mend the region with the glue tool every time I perform in new MIDI data. I do have Merge selected as a preference, but it still behaves this way. Any advice, I’d be very thankful. Clint

Hi @gretsky

You can achieve this by putting the following two commands into a macro:

  • Transport > MIDI Retrospective Recording > Insert from All MIDI Inputs
  • glue (from edit—>glue, not „glue tool“)
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