retrospective epilepsy (video)


cubase 11, mojave, mbp…

When midi is received on a instrument track from another track sending midi out (midi sent from reason rack to another instrument track), the retrospective record indicator in the inspector turns into a strobe light…



I cannot reproduce it here.

hi martin=)

what would this forum be without you…lol :slight_smile:

here is a video for possible repro … starting from a new project… the flashing starts after i click around ( click from track to track ) - also, i played some keys on controller at some time - but that did not cause it now)

It just randomly starts… the flashing is every note coming out of reason(beatmap)…
once it starts, it doesnt stop…lol

Thanks =)


Thank you for the video. What happens, if you click to the Retrospective Recording field? Are there any MIDI Notes in?

To me it looks like anything is making the buffer empty constantly. But it could be just a visual bug. Therefore it would be nice to know, if there is anything in the buffer.

hey martin)

sure, thanks for waching etc;)

i have a hotkey set…

and you are right, it is not recording the notes when that happens…

seems the buffer gets cleared with every note…


Does Reason Rack send anything unusual to MIDI?

This is my first mac…

Is there anything like midi OX for mac that u can recommend?


Edit: i will try „midi monitor“ and report back - hope its fine


I use Snoize MIDI Monitor. It can monitor other outputs or it can also act as a virtual MIDI Out, where you can route the MIDI data to.


yeah, only note on/off messages…



When I watch your 2nd video once again, I found the Retrospective Record was light at the beginning, even though Reason was in use and Cubase in playback already. Is there in the Buffer something already? Do you know, which step did it switch to the blinking state, please?


I just open a new project (or through an existing one) route midi from beatmap to any other vst, click around a bit (from track to track, and arm track and arm another- no specific sequence) with my mouse and all of a sudden it starts…
totally random when it starts flashing…