Retrospective midi record doesn't work while playing

The retrospective MIDI record doesn’t work while it’s playing. Fix this issue, please. This future is really important for Cubase users.

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To understand your report better…

Do you mean the MIDI data are not captured while the project is in Playback? Is it new in Cubase 13?

The manual says:

Cubase allows you to recover MIDI data, including controller data, that was captured in Stop mode or during playback.

So you are right, it should work while playback.


I have just tested this on my side and it works in both Stop and Play mode.

Did you have the MIDI/Instrument Track Record Enabled, please?

Same here on Windows.

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Yeah I am on Mac os 12.7 and I have the same bug. It sucks, therefore I am using cubase 12 until more bugs are fixed.

Yeah I have the same problem. I have tested this with the exact same project on the latest builds of Cubase 12 and 13 on Mac os 12.7.

Here is what happens:

Cubase 13:

  1. Press Play
  2. Play Notes on Keyboard
  3. Use the "Insert from All MIDI Inputs command
  4. Nothing shows up except a small empty midi region at the wrong point.

Cubase 12:

  1. Press Play
  2. Play Notes on Keyboard
  3. Use the "Insert from All MIDI Inputs command
  4. A midi region with all of the notes you just played at the correct location.Basically working as it’s supposed to.

Are you Running it on the Intel version or the M1 Version? My guess is that you are not using the Intel version, where as the OP is most likely using the Intel Version leading me to say that this is a bug that is only present on the Intel Version.


I’m on M1 in the Native Mode. And it works for me here.