Retrospective record Automation

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have retrospective recording for automation as well as midi? There’s so many times I come up with great ideas whilst experimenting. But what makes them great is the small automation tweaks I make while playing around.

SO wouldn’t it be great if retrospective recording was extended to automation?

Automation is working different, so retrospective recording could not work there.

For a history of changes, there is a function available already, called automation history, but it’s only in Nuendo.
It tracks automation changes in a tree structure.

So good to know. Maybe one day we’ll see it in cubase. Doubt it. Would be nice tho

Yeah I think it would be difficult. Different tracks can have different automation settings and it isn’t always obvious just how you wanted any given parameter to be automated. So it probably wouldn’t make sense to just assume (for example) that any automation you wanted applied ‘retrospectively’ would be “touch” automation, it could be that touch-trim would have been better. And there’s also fill options and more. So difficult to make that work I think.

As for Nuendo’s automation I think st10ss might be thinking of “Automation Passes” (?). It’s really more for creating different versions of automation where each “branch” is a new path you go down as you automate and you can then go back to different branches and choose different versions. Clearly an interesting and beneficial tool with some clear limitations… but ultimately also a different thing.

I am not sure but I think that the events recorded in the buffer of Retrospective Recording are not MIDI events but already VST events.
If I am correct than there should be quite a bit of the existing code usable for expanding it to automation data, as that consist also of VST events.

As to which mode of automation data creation (touch, trim, etc) to use: Cubase could simply use the currently active mode.

I guess a challenge could be that different automation lanes work with different value ranges, while with MIDI everything is pretty much the same, independent from the currently selected track.

Why can’t they just combine Cubase and Nuendo yet. They would own the competition like that. Cubase is the name that carries a legacy

Nuendo is Cubase Pro with some added functionality.
Just like Cubase Pro is Cubase Artist with some added functionality.

There is not much more to combine really.

If it helps you to feel better just rename Nuendo to Cubase Ultra in your mind.

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For music production, not post. I think it was a smart move to create Nuendo as a brand and then have a superset of functionality there while aiming it at post production. I think it would have been a very tough sell to get Cubase into post production studios and mix stages.

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