Retrospective Record Broken During Playback

If I press play and hit some MIDI while cubase is playing back, while the track is record enabled, and then I go to insert from ALL MIDI inputs, I get nothing. I tested this and it works fine in cubase 12, but in 13 it only works if cubase is not playing which is way less effective.

I have to say its kind of dissapointing that the devs broke features in this new update. I bought 13 but every time I try again, I keep finding broken things and I am going back to 12 until the next update.

seems to work for me


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I am glad it works for you, I don’t really know how that is helpful. Are you on Mac? I am running it on Mac OS 12.7 for Intel. That’s great its working good for you, but it doesn’t work for me. Case in point the other post you mentioned they are also experiencing the same bug.

If you would have mentioned in you OP that you’re on a Mac, I wouldn’t have posted.

My apologies for leaving out my OS


Please keep only one thread.