Retrospective record : buffer is empty if auto save

If the project is auto saved while it was played, the buffer of retrospective recording is flushed and empty

auto save?

Sorry if the term is not correct, I don’t use the English version of Cubase. The function that automatically saves the project file, set with a time delay. Like save every 10 minutes the project.

Cubase will not autosave under playback or recording. It will not autosave until you press stop.

On my computer it does auto save while playing.

How do you know it does that?
Again, Cubase does not autosave under playback or recording, this is also true for your computer.

I know it because I had an explorer window opened at the same time and saw the .cpr file being saved in real time

I have already reported that bug to Steinberg support and they never answered that it was impossible because Cubase did not autosave during play / record


This has been reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks Martin