Retrospective record captures all ports

Windows 8.1
Cubase 8.0.30

  1. New session
  2. Create MIDI Track; set MIDI output to a port on the machine that takes input and output AND is a port with “All MIDI IN” enabled. Set output to a channel other than 1
  3. Set MIDI Input for the port to an external controller
  4. Input MIDI
  5. capture the MIDI buffer as a recording (SHIFT + numkey * is the default shortcut)
  6. look in the List Editor for the captured MIDI
  7. Duplicate events have been recorded–the original buffer plus the events on a channel other than 1

is (7) expected? can anyone reproduce?

I would expect Retrospective Record to print only MIDI from the device specified for MIDI input on the track.

I was able to reproduce using a MIDI Over LAN loopback port AND the virtual MIDI I/O of an RME Fireface UCX