Retrospective record?? (FIXED 8.0.10 update)

Can anyone get retrospective record and/or audio capture to work?

I’ve rarely been able to get the audio buffer capture to work the way it is implemented, by turning on record for a few seconds. Usually nothing shows up even though I’ve got the pref set to the max. Always wished there was a dedicated menu item, so that I could set the cursor, hit a hotkey and it would drop it there instead of hunting around with handles and finding nothing anyway. The way it is seems to be a one shot, you’re out of luck deal since you just wiped the buffer.

But since C8 Midi retrospective doesn’t work at all for me anymore. If it captures anything it’s so partial and funky (timing) it’s useless. I used to use it frequently, in cases where I just did a playthrough and liked something.

I’m not asking for instructions. I’m just asking if it’s working for others or if anyone is finding it as unusable now as I do, having used it for years.

I’ve not tried it with audio but i’ve had no issue with MIDI retrospective record. I quite often use it.

I find midi timing in Cubase is awful and I usually loop back another DAW on rewire to get my midi timing perfect. Even with the ASIO timing option on, Cubase seems to miss time midi notes.

I tried it - it works fine for me.

Retrospective record midi timing does not work right with the ASIO buffer correction right now. If you record midi using record you can see that it does work correctly… Only retrospective midi record causes the midi to shift forward. Hope they fix this soon.

Thanks all for your responses. I was wondering if the introduction of ASIO Guard 2 (which has increased my system performance a lot, though not always consistently, even opening the same project) had something to do with it, so thanks for that info dlpmusic. Yep, using the Record button still works flawlessly.

It’s not always easy to turn it off in one move (would the midi buffer even be retained after changing prefs and freezing instruments?) so I hope this can be remedied, as well as a better method of inserting captured audio.

I have had intermittent problems with MIDI retrospective record since C7.

I have (literally) never been able to get audio retrospective record to work.

If I am not mistaken, there used to be a dedicated menu item for audio buffer retrospective insertion. It worked. That may have been as far back as Cubase VST though.

Technically, ‘Retrospective Record’ only applies to MIDI, whereas ‘Pre-Record’ is the equivalent function for audio :wink:
I don’t see why the handling should be so difficult to understand. When enabled, you get an event which starts at the ‘record start’ time, but the referenced clip actually begins ahead of that time (length dependent on the set pre-record time. The streaming buffer is only volatile in the armed state i.e. before recording is triggered. Once recording has begun, the buffer is written to the file, and the recording trigger point is simply used as the beginning of the event.

Handling then is standard Cubase editing technique - you can slide the beginning of the event (i.e. ‘resize’) back up until the actual beginning of the clip.

‘Pre-Record’ is the equivalent function for audio."

Yes, that’s what it’s called. I couldn’t remember how it was termed. It’'s probable that in adjusting to the loss of the menu item, fearing doing it wrong and losing the part, the time it took to check the instructions was what cleared the buffer. When it didn’t seem to work, I doubled down on the instructions the next time, making it less likely). I don’t use the Pre-record feature much (though saving an unexpected gem is invaluable), and gave up when I couldn’t seem to get it to work. Now I understand that hitting record as quickly as possible is key, rather than the danger, I’ll give it another go.

I don’t know why the concept eluded me, except old dog, new tricks. I was quick with a hotkey so the audio was always right there. I probably didn’t stretch far enough when I didn’t see anything for many bars or maybe it was just too late.

Thanks for clearing the cobwebs BriHar.

One down (hopefully).

Issues fixed with the 8.0.10 update. All working well now. :smiley:

Definitely better over here too. The results are not 100% identical if I record then capture the identical take, but way closer then it has been. I am happy.