retrospective recording is very unreliable

Im finding that many times when I improvised on a piano track ( and can hear the sound being auditioned ) the Cubase 10 has NOTHING in the retrospective recording buffer.

And this has after a major “noodle”.

Ita my understanding that if its played in - stuff should be sitting in the RR buffer

Am I wrong?

retrospective recording is such a potentially useful feature but if its uncertain whether it actually is being recorded in to the hidden MIDI buffer, I and others might be more reluctant to rely on it for our 'inspired ideas"

There was a change in 10.5.10 which removes the buffer after 30 seconds. It was on the online manual as well but now I can’t find it. Will search for my post where I linked it and share here as well

I find it unreliable in 10.0 as well. Sometimes it just does not work. I was hoping it was improved in 10.5 since they added a new button for it.

I was mistaken btw. In version it was working differently. In version 10.5 they have changed the buffer retention
Maybe this helps

I hope they’ll improve it, since we have fast hd’s and lots of RAM these days. 20 seconds with MPE keys is kind of little, if you consider jamming around and then picking the best parts of it later