Retrospective recording working erratically

Again and again Retrospective recording is just giving me a blank midi region.
It used to work.
Interrupting creative flow.
Is it a bug?
Cubase 13 on Apple M1 Max


Did you send the data when Cubase was in Stop or Play back? I have read some issues in Playback (but I cannot reproduce it).

do you have your cursor set to “return to start position” on stop?

I’m curious if this is the cause, as someone else mentioned it and I just started using it and have only had problems with retrospective record more recently.

I’ve had problems too, but haven’t noticed any pattern. Clearing the buffer seems to get it working normally on the Track.

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Well it started working again! Kind of shaky I think.

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I just noticed, in Logic, that the default start/stop pattern is different than Cubase… and this might provide another workaround if it can be set in Cubase.

In Logic, when I press stop, it stops right where I stopped it… but when I press start, it starts back from where I had previously started it. Cubase is different in that in “return to start” mode (or whatever it’s called), the cursor immediately jumps back to the start, which may, perhaps, screw up the retrospective record buffer.

Or maybe not.

I like the idea of what Logic is doing as I often want to edit the thing I’ve stopped at, but just always start playback at the place I had started from… if that makes sense.

Does anyone know if this is an available setting in Cubase? I know you can use shortcuts to start from the begging of a clip.