Retuning audio


I had an 8-track demo from 1983 digitised a few months ago. I’ve imported it in to Cubase 6 (Artist) and found that we were tuned flat on the day. That or the guy who transferred it to .wav files had a slow running machine.

Either way, when I add some keyboards now they sound sharp!

What to do?

Use the “fine tune” function, near the transpose. Select all tracks and determine what settings in good to put it on standard tunning.

Or on the keyboard go to “master tuning” and lower 440hz to 439 or 348 or whatever flat setting you may need.

Thanks, gtrdrumsplayerduarte. Good man.

I would retune your keyboard to match the transferred audio. Less chance for artifacts.

Well, it’s only five years later, but I’ve returned to actually doing something about this.

I have to say that the Fine-tune function seems to work pretty well, so thanks again to gtrdrumsplayerduarte for pointing it out to me.

Just one complication to this process though: The bass guitarist, who wasn’t actually a very good player, had a fretless bass (yep, he wasn’t very good, AND he chose to play the most difficult type of bass guitar) so his tuning is all over the place!