Return Cubase artist and buy Pro

I purchased Cubase Artist 10, installed but did not activate since I have been waiting for the activation usb key in mail. As I was waiting, I realized I would love to get the Pro because I need the VariAudio plugin that only Pro has. Therefore, I want to see if can still return the Artist license and get a fresh license on the Cubase Pro 10.

I know I can probably buy the Upgrade version but if I need to reinstall Pro in the future, do I need to install the Artist version first then upgrade to Pro? Just find going through same process every time a bit annoying.

For this, send a message to the online store where you bought Cubase. The details are in the email receipt.

Check the Steinberg shop, looks like buying Artist and upgrading to Pro is roughly about the same amount of money as just buying Pro. No need to create a hassle, just upgrade.

There’s also no need to install the Artist version before Pro. They’re the same installer anyway - it’s just the license on the dongle that determines what features are ‘allowed’.

If no need to install the Artist version before Pro, I would go for the upgrade then. Thank you very much for your information! :laughing: