Return key unexpected behavior

I tried to search for this issue, but could not find any information… perhaps I have the wrong phraseology.

This has happened numerous times, and I can finally replicate it. In Galley View utilizing an instrument filter, I ‘believe’ I mouse click on a measure to add notes (in reality I misclick and select nothing). I hit “Return” to enter note entry, and the caret appears at the beginning of the visible music, and not in the measure I intend, I am looking down and it takes a minute to realize what is going on when I look up.

I have caught this behavior creating music over the top of existing music. And it has scared me that perhaps I have overwritten a lot of existing music.

I am not sure if this is by design, or a bug. But either way ,it has confused me and caused to me double check music numerous times. Not sure why note entry would be invoked with nothing selected, but I thought I would bring this up.

If it matters, I am macOS 14.0 (Sonoma). I do understand that there may be compatibility issues. Perhaps that is related.


Upon further review… this happens in page view as well. Hitting the “return” key with nothing selected, chooses the top staff, and the measure that is to the left most edge.


Well, from the manual:

Although the manual does not make explicit mention of it, given that Return will start note entry, if nothing is selected moving to the start is a very reasonable default, if perhaps not immediately obvious.

Not a bug. But something to keep in mind.

Indeed, it’s intentional that you can start note input without a selection using Shift+N or Return, or indeed by clicking the note input button in the notes toolbox.

The point being the caret goes to the start.

Unreal… I have used Dorico from the day it was released, and I have never experienced this.

Just recently, I switched to a new track ball mouse. I think I am still getting used to how it works and operates over my magic track pad. I guess I have never misclicked in the past to see to recognize this behavior.

As I am reading these responses, it further solidifies the discussion about keyboard versus mouse.


It’s such a rich program I keep finding surprising new things often.

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I agree. It is beyond impressive, and is a testament to the team and the detail to attention they possess to make a project like Dorico come to life.


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