Return to Cubase

I received the Cubase LE software when I purchased my Zoom H4n recorder.

How do I reactivate it?


Thanks. Apparently I’m not able to reactivate.

Oh well, thanks!

You might try writing to support even though you didn’t register the license container (I’m presuming…)

Thanks, I think I’ll let it go. I got the Q base software with the Zoom recorder but never really used it. I recall it being somewhat of a hassle to install/use.

I’ll see if I can find something else.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hardly… it’s the best software to use. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Though I might be biased…

Well, biased or not, it ain’t the best if you can’t use it…

True that!

I have the H4n (original owner) and have put the included Cubase 6 LE software on several computers. It is bare bones software but totally useable for recording and editing and works with 3rd party plugins.

The only thing I did to install was make sure the Zoom is plugged in to the computer as an interface, pre-downloaded the latest version of the eLicenser and then installed the software from the CD rom. I then activated from the eLicenser. It has let me install and activate this on multiple machines. I did the most recent installs around January this year.

Thanks. I no longer have the CD.

Oh right – yeah you do need the installer. Sorry about that.