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I typically have at least two windows open - the project window, and the video window. Here’s what happens:

  1. I’m in the project window (focused) with video on my second monitor.
  2. I open Control Room to change something.
  3. I close CR.
    4. I am now in the video window.

The behavior drives me absolutely insane. Whatever I do, open the pool, CR, Media Bay, a mixer - it always returns to the video window rather than where I were. It really affects my workflow.

REQUEST: Return to the previous window, i.e. project window (in this case).

AND: Overhaul window management in its entirety.

At the very least provide a key command option for bringing any window into focus (NOT toggle). At least that way we could create macros that would always work regardless what window one starts in.

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Though, this is about the whole of the window handling functions; I wouldn’t complain if they really looked at all of it again… Cubase and Nuendo.

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I, too, fully support this!
At least, give us a choice to work with one or the other .

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I agree with you. Rather than start a new topic what you just wrote is exactly what I hope for. I edited the post to make that clearer. Thanks!

I went back to 6.5. I couldn’t stand that multiple windows format! :angry:


Fully agree with this, also not being able to have a solid background anymore drives me nuts! I don’t want to see my desktop in the background - it’s easy enough to open other windows when needed!

Join. It really is a problem Nuendo-7. Also give you an example: after the window is closed, for example - Detect silence, immediately stop working, keyboard commands in Project window, even zoom in/out/, but the keys Start/stop functioning. In Nuendo of 6.5 - this is not a problem.
I urge the developers to release a new version at least without deterioration of previous functional and ergonomic features of the program (for example, when, after Nuendo 4,3 removed the UNDO function while recording that still delivers a lot of inconvenience in a live work when the task is to edit previously recorded material) And again, right above noticed - Nuendo - program to post-production, and all the presets, mostly musical - from Cubase. Very good developers - two birds with one stone shoot! And I wrote earlier that the developers, in all likelihood, just get the desktop version Nuendo for Nuage console. Here are the roots of all problems of program updates - the design, ergonomics, stupid colors for Pre/Post faders sends in Cue, tiny popochki the zoom bar - probably for snipers :slight_smile: and many more. Kept silent about the “single button Close window” when the edit window in full screen mode; or barely visible display during drag an event… The one who came up with this design - you need to give out the award! Smacks of diversion in relation to users :slight_smile: Hope Nuendo 8 is human! … or not?.. :slight_smile:
And - Sorry for my English :slight_smile: