Returning message about old soft eLicenser

Everytime I open Cubase, Halion or Neo Soul Keys I get this message (sorry for the misspellings, they’re really there):

“Soft-eLiceneser doesn’t have enought permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem.”

This message appears since updating to Windows 8.1 (from 8), a few days ago.

Running LCC doesn’t help. LCC can’t repair them. I can’t remove them either. Both soft elincenses are demo’s from software I already bought. I don’t need them anyore. But I want to remove that message.

Any suggestions?

Hi ninedayswonder99,

please install the latest eLC and try again:


Hi Luis,

Thanx, this works. The message is gone, though the demo licenses are still there. I can’t remove them.