returning my ur44 (problems..outboard gear etc)

hey all, if anyone could help me i would be very appreciative. I received the ur44 a few days ago (after months of research) and everything seemed great, recorded a quick acoustic track and was impressed with the sound quality and low noise levels (even though i had a few room mics with the gain quite high) I turned it on yesterday to try some mixing and fx routing and noticed my preamps were VERY noisey (unusable) even with nothing plugged in (its not ground loops) I’ll be returning it based on this obvious defect, but now im unsure whether to get another ur44 or a different interface altogether as i ran into some issues with outboard gear (that ive been reading there is no way around) Im using Logic, trying to send a pre recorded track out through my moogerfoogers and back in and cant achieve this with without massive feedback, or no signal at all. I’m guessing it has something to do with the direct monitoring and dspmix, but after reading 10+ hrs yesterday and trying everything i cant find a work around. If anyone is using outboard gear with UR series and LOGIC id love to know how. Thanks for any help

What outboard gear are you using? I use my UR44 with Logic and am having no issues. I do find that with a guitar plugged into a Hi-Z line that I use little to no gain (depending on the guitar) with great results. Turning up the gain peaks the signal pretty quickly, but leaving the gain down works wonderfully. Plugging the guitar into lines 3 and 4 also works great. I wonder if you are having a similar result with your outboard gear. I’m only using guitars and mics so far.

thanks for the response :slight_smile: The issue with the mic pre noise only started the 2nd time i used the interface, it was dead quiet the day before. With the gain 1/2 way up the hiss/static is so loud i cant wear headphones - the day before i had the gain at 3/4 with almost total silence. Changing phantom on off/unplugging usb/different cables/no mic plugged in/ has no effect. In terms of the outboard stuff, im trying to send through line out (1 of the 4) to moog moogerfoogers to line in 5/6. I cant seem to get sound without feedback, presumably due to the direct monitoring feature. In logic, there is no way way to disable direct monitoring as far as i know (only software/input monitoring). In the DSPmix software there is no feature other than muting the tracks, which mutes the sound to the outboard?

If you are getting lots of noise with mics then you have a hardware problem, as far as I can tell. I don’t have that issue at all. In the mix software, if you are getting noise from effects you can turn off DSP effects without muting the channel. I get a fairly high noise floor when using some of the amp effects with guitar, but it goes away if I turn off the effect. It’s no different than if I were using similar effects on a real amp. Like I say, I have not had that issue with mics or the Channel Strip effects. The mic pres as completely clean for me. I would get it replaced.

While I am having huge difficulties with Cubase, my UR44 works perfectly with Logic Pro X. I’ve used it with several mics, both dynamic and condenser, a few guitars, headphones and near field monitors. I have also used a Presonus TubePre on input 5. I’m not having any difficulties with the hardware at all.

I do find it odd that with my Schecter plugged into line 1 (Hi-Z) I have to leave the gain all the way down to avoid peaking, but as long as I leave it down the signal is clean and sounds great. With a Strat I turn it up about 35%. As long as I get good, clean signal and good sound I’m happy. My dynamic mics need about 75-90% gain while condensers only need about 50-70%, which is typical.

I hope you get it worked out, one way or another.

hey thanks for the idea, im going to reset/check my dsp mixer incase I turned on an amp sim by accident (which may be boosting the noise) I think i also fixed my hardware routing issue, turns out i needed to mute the channels on mix 2 while un muting the outboard hardware input channel on mix1. I seem to be able monitor and record the 'foogers now without feedback; cant believe i missed that yesterday but i tried pretty much everything else :wink: Heres hoping i can solve the preamp issue now, thanks :slight_smile: